Jun 25, 2020 1:23 AM

The Fastest Way to order your Basic Packages is now available.

Basic Packages can now be ordered from Authorized Package Resellers.


Interested to become a Package Reseller?

Here are the requirements;

1.) You are a @Home Dealer for a minimum of 2 Months.

2.) You must have personally sold #2 Athome Dealership Packages

    (two different clients).

3,) Must be willing to promote fairness and equality in reselling Basic Packages.

4.) Initial of 120 Basic Packages Inventory or Php120,000.

     The company will give additional 3 Basic Packages.

5.) Minimum of 40 Basic Packages for replenishment.

6.) Authorized Package Resellers can sell Basic Packages at Php1,050

For interested applicants, please e-mail your letter of intent